Orange Glou NY

Tenuta L'Armonia, Frizzi Pop (2020)


A sparkling wine produced from blend of white Durello grapes on the skins and red direct press Pinot Nero grapes. The "Frizzi Pop" goes through the ancestral method.                                                                                                                         After harvesting the grapes, they are pressed and fermented. The partially fermented must is bottled, which therefore has a percentage of residual sugar. The "Frizzi Pop" rests for the whole winter in the cool. With the raising of the spring temperature, a second spontaneous fermentation in the bottle begins with the residual sugars and yeasts.

Tasting notes: medium bodied, blood orange, dried herbs

Pairing: fish & chips, mortadella sandwich, fried chicken

Mix and match 3, 6 or 12 bottles!

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