Orange Glou NY

Gravner Breg 2011


All grapes come from Josko's family owned vineyards. After hand picked the grapes, the vines are seperately crushed and fermented in an underground georgian amphora. After macerating for about 6 months, the grapes are crushed with a pneunamic press, the wine is blended and transferred back into the amphora to age for another 6 months underground, before being transferred in oak barrels where the wine is aged for 6 years. You will find one of kind of wine in here. Age it a bit more, this vintage was just bottled and released.

Tasting notes: full bodied, honey, ginger, crushed stones, smoky, toasted hazelnut, candied lemon zest, floral

Pairing: roasted sweet potato, charred Tomahawk steak with brussels sprouts and bacon, Tete de Moine

All wines can be bought in combination of 3,6 or 12 bottles!

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