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Dominique Derain + Tutti Frutti Ananas "Entre Peaux" 2021





Vinification method:  Dominique Derain, born in 1955 and long-famed for his biodynamic wines coming from the Saint-Aubin region of Bugundy, was originally trained as a cooper (a barrel maker). In 1988, he settled in Saint-Aubin on a modestly sized estate with about 6 hectares of vines, certified organic since 1989. Dominique produces 20,000 bottles a year, of which about 7,000 remain in France, while others come from as far away as Chile. His wines rank among the stars of many wine lists at chic Parisian bistros. In December 2016, Dominique entered retirement and transferred his estate to his two loyal employees: Carole Schwab and Julien Altaber, two young winemakers already known as the creators of Domaine SEXTANT. The wines of Domaine Derain will continue to be sold under his name. 

"Entre Peaux" is produced in collaboration with Tutti Frutti Ananas, a Roussillon-based winery run by winemakers Joachim Roque and Manuel di Vecchi Staraz.

The vineyard for "Entre Peaux" is located in the Banyuls-Sur-Mer region of Roussillon, at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains near the Mediterranean coast. Following harvest, the Muscat grapes are half destemmed and half left whole cluster. They spend two months macerating and fermenting on the skins in large wooden vats. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, minimal added S02.

Tasting notes: medium bodied, aromatic, lychee, peach, rose petals, orange zest

Pairings: walnut + gorgonzola salad; cheese boards

Mix and match 3, 6 or 12 bottles!

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