Orange Glou NY

L'Octavin "Hip Hip" 2021


GRAPES: Savagnin



Vinification method: Famed winemaker Alice Buvot is the proud owner of 5 hectacres of vines in the Arbois region of Jura. She began with just 2 hectacres in 2005 and has slowly purchased more plots over the years. L’Octavin is now Demeter certified, and she works to convey this message to the fullest. Wild grasses, weeds, insects, and animals all have a place in their vines creating a true ecosystem that gives a deeper meaning to each glass of her wines.

The grapes are hand harvested and are placed whole-cluster into tanks. They have four months of skin contact as they ferment with indigenous yeasts. This is followed by a year of rest and a short élevage in large oak casks.  

Tasting notes: full bodied, honey, pink salt, mushroom, green apple, oxidative

Pairing: vaccherin cheese with truffles

Mix and match 3, 6 or 12 bottles!

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