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Oliver Weingartner, "Ruby Lights" 2022



GRAPE: 50% Pinot Gris/ 50% Gewürztraminer



Vinification Method: To Oliver, the winemaker behind "Ruby Lights," winemaking is nothing but fun! Oliver is a devoted husband and father, a seasoned winemaker and a man with ambition. Most notably Oliver has spent years in Germany honing his winemaking skills. He believes in natural winemaking and is an important advocate for sustainable and organic farming in Somló. 

Recent changes to the appellations within Hungary make this wine possible. It also represents Oliver's daily journey from his family home in Badacsony where he grows his Pinot Gris on the volcanic soil of the St. George vineyard, to the prized vineyards of Somlo hill, about one hour north. The Pinot Gris was grown in the south/south-east facing vineyard, while the Tramini was grown on the east facing volcanic vineyard of Somlo. The destemmed berries were left on skins for two weeks and left to ferment together in 10 year old used Hungarian oak barrels and breathable tanks for 8 months. The two batches were joined a few days prior to bottling. Unfiltered, unfined, minimal added SO2.

Tasting notes: medium-bodied, raspberry, ruby red grapefruit, rosehip, white pepper

Pairings: smoked salmon salad with farro and goat cheese

Mix and match 3, 6 or 12 bottles!

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