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Radikon, "Sivi" 2021






Vinification method: As far as legendary winemakers go, it's hard to find one more storied than the legacy of Stanko Radikon. A maverick in the land of mavericks, Stanko worked alongside neighbors Jasko Gravner and Franco Terpin to bring the ancient Georgian tradition of orange winemaking into the modern world. His wines are among the most coveted in the natural wine community. After his passing in 2016, the torch of Radikon passed to his son Saša, who had been working in the vineyards since he was a child. Today he's helped by his mother Suzana, sister Ivana, and wife Lucia. 

The Radikon winery is located in the town of Oslavia, on a relatively tiny stretch of hills north of the border town of Gorizia in the Isonzo zone of Friuli.   The vineyards were originally planted by Stanko’s grandfather Franz Mikulus with a local favorite, the Ribolla Gialla grape. In 1948, Stanko’s parents, who had inherited the property from his mother’s father, planted Merlot, Tokaj Friulano and Pinot Grigio. The vines pass between the Italian and Slovenian border, and the family draws interpretation from both countries' winemaking traditions. Today, Saša carries on his father's legacy by producing his classic cuvées in their 500mL bottles, while starting a line of his own - the "S" line in classic 750mL format.

The "Sivi" wine is 100% Sivi Pinot, or Pinot Grigio grapes, with their name coming from the Slovenian word for gray, "sivi" after the grapes' grayish-pink tint.The grapes are hand-harvested, destemmed, and crushed for co-fermentation in large oak vats. They macerate for 10-14 days before being gently pressed. The wine is then moved to massive 6000L Friuli-made French oak botti to spend a year aging on the lees. After this, it's bottled to age for another year. Unfined, unfiltered, minimal added S02.

Tasting notes: full-bodied, tart strawberry, barberries, apricot, candied tangerine, forest floor, elderflower, long finish

Pairings: wild truffle pasta in a cream sauce

Mix and match 3, 6 or 12 bottles!

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