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Ruth Lewandowski "Tasteful in Nature" Pet Nat





Vinification Method: Evan Lewandowski believes deeply in the cycle of life (going so far as to name his winery after the book of Ruth and its compelling depiction of the natural cycle of death and redemption), organic farming and spontaneous fermentation. Ruth Lewandowski Wines are all natural, organic, unfiltered, and unfined wines. While the grapes are grown in Mendocino Country, California, the winemaking process takes place in Utah. Ultimately, the end goal is to plant and grow 100% of the grapes in Utah.

The 2019 vintage was skin fermented for 10 days or so, then pressed off the juice and aged in a neutral vessel for a year. Then it was bottled with the next year’s incoming juice (liqueur de tirage) which added sweetness, yeast and a second fermentation while producing some very fine bubbles. Bottled and then disgorged in August 2022. Unfiltered, unfined, no added SO2.

Tasting notes: light-bodied, effusive orange flower, nectarine, and curry spices

Pairing: spicy crab cakes

Mix and match 3, 6 or 12 bottles.

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