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Tunia "Sottofondo" 2020 Frizzante





Vinification method: In 2008, Francesca di Benedetto and Chiara Innocenti discovered a little plot of land in Tuscany and founded Tunia - a vineyard of 25 hectares largely abandoned by the University of Florence. The land was mixed use - 15 hectares of vines, 3 hectares of olive trees, and 7 hectares of open meadows. Francesca had long been the partner of Giulio Armani (winemaker at La Stoppa, and owner of Denavolo). Chiara is the wife of Carlo Tabarinni, who works with Cantina Margo. However, the wines coming from Tunia are utterly unique to the terroir of Tuscany.

"Sottofondo" comes from a unique combination of early and late harvest Trebbiano grapes. A first round of grapes are harvested in early August and directly pressed before spontaneously fermenting in stainless steel tanks. At the end of September, the second round of grapes are harvested and spend 1 month macerating on the skins in separate vessels. The still wines are combined during bottling in February, where a bit of Vin Santo (a sweet wine made from dried grapes) is added to induce a secondary fermentation in the bottle, thus producing a sparkling wine. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, undisgorged, minimal added S02. 

Tasting notes: full-bodied, caramel apple, fresh herbs, apricot, black tea, beautiful perlage 

Pairings: shrimp al ajillo 

Mix and match 3, 6 or 12 bottles!

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