Natural wine is the romantic fantasy of how we wish all wine was made. It uses no chemical growing or plowing solutions, only ripe grapes are hand picked, there are very low to no added sulfites, and only indigenous yeasts are used. Natural wine has no additives of any kind and isn’t filtered or fined.


Orange wine was invented in the Republic of Georgia thousands of years ago and brought to the rest of the world by 2 italians Gravner and Radikon who wanted to explore this wine making style about 40 years ago. Today there are around 1000 wine producers/wineries that make some orange wine along with other styles they are producing. Orange wine is made from white grapes that macerate on the skins, this can be done for a couple of hours or up to one year.

Orange Glou started as an orange wine wine club in late 2019 and has since grown into a community of orange wine lovers and a shop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The subscription and shop focus on
highly-curated selection of the most interesting and distinct natural orange wines in the world.

Doreen Winkler
Doreen is a natural wine sommelier, orange wine expert and the founder of Orange Glou. She has worked in the wine industry for over a decade and has developed wine programs for some of the top restaurants in New York City. Orange wine is her favorite style of wine!

We Will Help Curate Your Collection

Orange Glou consulting for restaurants

Orange Glou provides consulting for restaurants to develop and source for a natural wine program. We would love to work with you to craft the perfect natural wine list utilizing all the knowledge and access we have to outstanding, often allocated, wines all around the world. We will work with you and your staff to understand the concept of your restaurant and design the best wine program to fit your budget and inventory needs. More info at